The Numbers Are In – 2017 The Costliest Hurricane Season In U.S. History

In late January, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released data regarding damage estimates for the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season. The big three of 2017 – Harvey, Irma and Maria – are now 3 of the top 5 costliest hurricanes in U.S. history (1900-2017).

Hurricane Harvey – with $125 billion in damage – ranked highest at number 2, behind Katrina of 2005. Hurricane Maria now sits in 3rd, and Hurricane Irma in 5th.

Rank            Name            Year            Category            Damage

   1               Katrina           2005                 3                 $160 billion

   2               Harvey           2017                 4                 $125 billion

   3                Maria            2017                  4                  $90 billion

   4               Sandy            2012                  1                $70.2 billion

   5                Irma              2017                  4                  $50 billion

NOAA says the dollar amounts are “the estimated total costs of these events — that is, the costs in terms of dollars that would not have been incurred had the event not taken place. Insured and uninsured losses are included in damage estimates.”

There was more than a quarter-trillion dollars caused by storms during the 2017 season. That figure even tops that of the infamous 2005 season, making 2017 the costliest hurricane season in U.S. history.

The names Harvey, Irma and Maria will most certainly be officially retired at the World Meteorological Organization’s upcoming meeting in April.

You can find a full recap of the 2017 season here.

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